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iRS 3D welding and clamping systems

The Intellectual Robot Systems is skilled system integrator of robots in technological processes of the industrial Russian and CIS companies for several (over 6) years. Based on market needs and analyzed our own experience of supplying industrial equipment, we decided to run a new product direction: 3D module welding tables and clamping fixtures.

iRS 3D welding and clamping systems are bounden elements of metalworking industry. The main purpose using of this elements is providing optimum technological comfort, safety and minimizing errors during welding processes. These systems are universal and spot-on. It allows achieving quick, precise adjustment and fixing of the target dimensions.

3D clamping fixtures and welding tables from iRS

Clamping fixtures and welding tables are important equipment for the machinery. Our 3D welding and clamping systems are designed in two series demands (D28 and D16) for setting-up and further welding of products with varying sizes and complexity constructive. These 3D welding and clamping systems are easy to use. It gives you an opportunity to adapt and adjust settings-up of different products very quickly, precisely and to make high quality welds.

3D welding and clamping systems are very popular, because the items are universal, modular and replaceable. You can arbitrarily extend your 3D welding table in all directions through the modular design. So using our 3D clamping and welding systems you get ergonomic working and cost-efficient start. You can start with a small welding table but enlarge with clamping modular workpieces in the future.

3D welding and clamping from iRS allows to make a welding by hand or machine, a placing, fastening and clamping the constructions, a treatment, spray coating, grinding and polishing and finishing products. The one workplace is for full production cycle.

3D Welding table, price


3D work welding table H-type (Hardened) system D 16
4 standard legs
Size: 2400 x 1200 x 850 mm
+Set of clamping elements with accessories (90 pcs.)

8700 €

3D work welding table H-type (Hardened) system D 28
4 standard legs
Size: 2400 x 1200 x 850 mm
+Set of clamping elements with accessories (98 pcs.)

10700 € 

The advantages

  • increase productivity: quick and safe of the placing, fixing and clamping;
  • ergonomic working — variable working place;
  • quality: minimizing errors during welding processes;
  • increased operating life: with special treatment the surface is hardened;
  • extensive: sets of clamping elements for all tasks;
  • wide range of the items for every need;
  • cost-efficient start: modular enlargement;
  • rational organization of the workplace: easy to store, maintain, prepare before use times and equipping times;
  • can be use with the manipulators and positioners (welding always in ideal position);
  • custom lengths on request!

All our products are certified. It proves a high quality and compliance with specifications and international technical standards.

To order 3D welding tables and clamping fixtures or to get more information, please contact us by:

phone: +7 499 748 93 05

e-mail: stol@irobs.ru