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Welding robots and robotic complexes from   IRS

The welding robot is a modern automated equipment, which successfully copes not only with welding processes, but also operations such as cutting, bending, positioning, etc. Robotic welding increases productivity, improving product quality and reduce production costs.

Depending on the equipment of robots can be used to perform spot , arc and other welding . Features Robots ( articulated and straightforward system) allow them to move in different planes.

IRS company has almost ten years of experience in the development and manufacture of robots . During this time we have gained extensive experience in the field of robotics industries , have implemented a huge number of projects. The introduction of robotics allows almost immediately  increase the volume of output and significantly improve its quality characteristics , thereby increasing the profits of the enterprise .

According to the statistics for July 2013, our company has implemented 54 projects robotics industries, of which the share for welding systems account for 48 units. Unlike many competing firms, the company "Intellectual robot system" offers innovative solutions, tailor made for each individual case.

Цены на покупку сварочного робота

Specifications and prices

Our specialization - design and production of robotic systems on the basis of Fanuc robots. Each RTC is a prototype, performed on an individual project under the customer's specific product.

In order that we can make you developed and balanced proposal on the RTC, which will help you to actually increase productivity and therefore your income, contact us by phone 8800777 or via the feedback form on the contact page.

The robotic complex includes only the best components of world manufacturers, the category High End equipment.

Specification: iRS Weld Basic basic solution.

Welding robot Fanuc Arc Mate 100ic / 7L
Controller with remote control software
A set of cables and connectors to connect
The software package for arc welding
Robotic welding source Fronius TPS 3200 PAP
Welding inverter
The interface robot source Peripherals
The course welding and programming for 3 people
19 months. Warranty and service support
Delivery is carried out on DDP  Moscow  78 000 EUR VAT

The price of welding robots from the IRS company

In order to our specialists can make you a concrete and elaborate proposal on the cost of the RTC, which will help you to actually increase productivity and incomes, contact us:

phone: 88007770201.

or by mail: info@irobs.ru

Price robotic system depends on the specific tasks and can be limited only by your imagination. Speaking of simple basic decisions, the budget of such systems can start from 78 000 euros including VAT. We sell and more complex systems.

Terms of delivery of equipment:

1 week delivery time for Russia.


All equipment covered by the warranty - 19 months from the date of signing of the start-up of equipment.

This offer is valid until 31.12.2016

We can supply industrial robots for welding with different technologies: Tig, Mig-Mag, Laser hybrid, resistance welding.

Robotic welding production - this is a huge step forward, allowing to switch to a new level of quality and efficiency. The robots are designed for continuous operation, their implementation contributes to the efficiency and quality of manufactured products that provide a rapid return on investment.

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