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Among the methods of cutting metal occupies a special place thermal cutting, being the most effective. And this effect can be further improved if you use a modern plasma cutting machine.

At a minimum cost of electrical energy this type of processing is characterized by high productivity. Another advantage is that when cutting it is easy to obtain on the complexity of any circuit, regardless of the thickness of the metal.

Plasma cutting is carried out by:



The melting-oxidation.

In the first case we are talking about laser, termogazservice and air-arc and arc cutting. Initially subjected to the necessary heating of the sheet metal part. In this case plasma cutting machine precisely aimed a heat source creates the conditions for the limiting factors exceeding the melting point of the metal. In the field of cutting waste material is blown under pressure or by using arc welding.

The process of rapid oxidation is achieved in an oxygen environment. A metal billet heated to the ignition temperature under these conditions, then a strong burn in an oxygen jet. By the method of oxidation involves oxygen flux or oxygen cutting. Selected heat is used for heating the remaining sections of workpieces.

The last type of treatment applied in an oxygen-laser, plasma arc and oxy-arc cutting. The efficiency of the methods contributed to the spread in the production complexes whose activities are connected with metal processing and fabrication. Modern plasma cutting machine has become an indispensable equipment. With minimal start-up works it will serve for many years without requiring costly or difficult maintenance.

The advantages of plasma cutting machine Lind GmbH

The IRS company's decision – plasma cutting machine Lind GmbH has the following advantages:

Individual approach to solving your problems

Gantry plasma cutting machine, fully adapted to the conditions of Russian production

The equipment, designed and manufactured in Germany, only German components (lifetime of 20 + years)

The quality of the produced workpieces at a high level

Reducing the complexity of production

The rational flow of cut material

Full service package and warranty on all equipment from one supplier

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